Price is Right online game

by Amanda Nettgen


Price is Right online game!

Price is Right online game

Rating out of five:


+ Rich and friendly graphics
+ The difficulty level for all of the mini-games is a nice medium between challenging and too easy
+ The rounds are playful and addicting
– Fans wanting a traditional Price is Right may be disappointed

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“Come on-line” if you’re a fan of The Price is Right TV show, or simply enjoy a good mini-game! The Price is Right is an unexpected gem on GSN.

When beginning to play The Price is Right, I fully anticipated the usual take on the long-running pricing game. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this Price is Right translation did not require me to price a single box of cereal!

This Price is Right plays on the ambience or theme of the show rather than a literal translation. It’s divided into three rounds, with one unique mini-game for each.

The first round pits you as a bidder in Contestant’s Row. Your job is to click on the incessant suggestions from the audience that match the amount your person plans to guess. Be sure to pay attention when the bidder tells you what value you’re hunting for at the start of the level, as the speech bubble will only appear once and is quite brief. If you’re able to click on every number that pops up and matches within the timeframe, you will receive a 100 point bonus.

The next game within the Price is Right online game is a Match 3. The motif for the swapping game will either be Cliffhangers, Plinko or Punch-a-Bunch (all pricing games from the original Price is Right). You need to make matches over a colored background and clear it to do well in this exercise.

The final event is this Price is Right online game is the Showcase. Forget about that living room set or car for a sec and concentrate on playing for a much bigger score. To win the Showcase points, you must empty the entire screen of Price is Right icons via a memory match.

There is also a Price is Right game in board game form.

Your total score is the values combined from all 3 mini-games.

The Price is Right at GSN brings some originality to the long-time gameshow favorite. This online version may not have much to do with prices, but it is enjoyable enough to have the theme still work. Try it free today, or compete for REAL CASH!

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Jul 06, 2012

dont know


by: angel

well i really dont know yet cause i havent played it

Jan 28, 2011


by: kevin


Aug 11, 2010

shawn rocks

by: shawn


Jul 27, 2010

the price is right

by: Anonymous

i love the price is right i love it!

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