Monopoly Money Tunic

by Tom Warin

(Salem, MA)

Wonderful Monopoly Money tunic from Choice Shirts. Click to buy!Monopoly Money tunic
(Choice Shirts)

Teach your kids the value of Monopoly money with this tunic-style shirt for juniors from our frenemies at Choice Shirts.

These days, adolescents are all about the “Bling”, or maybe the “Blong”; (I could have heard wrong because I’m pretty old. It’s hard keeping in touch with youth culture when everything unfamiliar frightens you.)

The current version form of the game was created in 1935 as a means of glamorizing capitalism, which had fallen into disrepute due to the great depression. Ironically, the game would later be accused of being a communist plot by Joseph McCarthy, who was annoyed at Parker Brothers refusing to replace the shoe with a bald eagle.

Many versions of have been created over the years. There are regional variations for different countries and licensed versions featuring characters and locations from popular works such as The Simpsons and Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”. One constant has remained throughout: the money*.

Nothing really rivals the experience of having a huge stack of colorful paper bills and waving it around in the faces of your friends and family, singing “I’m in the money! I’m in the freaking money!”.

Wearing this Monopoly money tunic comes close, though.

* Except for the poorly received “Hippy Edition” from 1971 which replaced the money with “hugs” and “free love”.

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