The Game of Life: Path to Success

by Amanda Nettgen


The Game of Life: Path to Success!

The Game of Life: Path to Success

Rating out of five:


+ Interesting time management/Sims take on Game of Life theme
+ Nice graphics and sound FX
+ A good variety of mini-games and challenges to play
– Hasbro shut down the downloadable versions; you have to buy it from Amazon

Get this game at Amazon!
Amazon is the only place to get The Game of Life: Path to Success since Hasbro shut down the downloadable versions (THANKS, Hasbro!).

The Game of Life: Path to Success is more of a time management/Sims game than a board one. It’s an interesting take on the Life theme.

Decorating your playing pawn is unique to Path to Success, so go wild and select from a small variety of hats and accessories. Path to Success follows your created character as it transitions though these life phases: graduating college, getting a job, buying a house, marrying, having a baby, and retiring. It’s not something you finish in one sitting but rather, complete over time via levels.

The whole gameplay centers around you completing tasks for other characters for points. Hug your mom, for example, or make and bring your bother a cup of coffee. Thought bubbles appear over the other pegs’ heads with their request. Some will have a Life tile in the lower corner of their wish, which you collect upon successfully finishing the work and turn in later for upgrades.

The Game of Life: Path to Success uses point and click mechanics like Diner Dash. You can queue up tasks by clicking on them in the order you want them done. Sometimes you have to go and collect an object to bring to your requester, like an apple or newspaper.

A good strategy is to pre-make things like coffee, faxes and chickens to save time and therefore score more points. Your friends can get impatient if you ignore them, and they’ll occasionally flash red if their need is an emergency (the upside is you’ll score inflated points).

This isn’t The Game of Life board game, but it has enough of the elements of the original take for it to be recognizable. A very innovative aspect happens when you go to complete the final College level; the game has you juggle standing at a podium and “studying” with your other usual tasks.

Game of Life: Path to Success will amuse time management addicts and Sims fans, but for how long is dependent on an individual’s attention span. It’s worth maybe not a buy, but certainly a try.

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Jun 09, 2009


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