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Quick verdict

Zathura is a great family game. My children and I love playing it together. It is especially fun because it its gameplay follows the movie. My kids find that very amusing, as if they are actually on a great adventure.

The game and gameplay

Zathura the game consists of a 3D playing board, game cards, a house puzzle, a card ejector, game cards, defense tokens, asteroid dice and spaceship movers.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!There are two parts to each player’s turn: first you will spin the travel indicator on the card ejector and move to that space; next you must turn the key on the card ejector and pick on card, which will give you instructions on what you will do for your turn.

Examples are “Lose a turn, gamma rays damage ship’s instruments” or “Robot engages warp drive mode, robot moves ahead 3 spaces”. You must carry out the order.

Are you brave enough to roll the dice and find your fate? Will you make it to Zathura to win the game, or will the Zorgans attack and destroy you?There are many obstacles you must face on your way to Zathura; such as meteor showers, Zorgons, and robot malfuctions, or you may get stuck at the planet Tsouris; where spaceships get sucked in and have to remain until another player spins an even number.

There are defense tokens to help you get out of trouble, but you must earn them. You can aquire defense tokens when you land on “Z” spaces on the board: if they have a token on them you get to keep it and use when you get in trouble.

A fire token can put off a Zorgon attack. You also have to worry about the robot, it is malfuctionong and is tryng to kill you, a reprograming token can save you from him.

To win the game you must succesfully carry out all your missions and make it to Zathura.

Pros and cons

Zathura is a great game and it has a very authentic look and feel to it. The game’s graphics look just like that of the movie.

The 3D spiral game board really adds to the excitment and makes it thrilling and holds the thrills thoughout the game.

The verdict

My kids really love the Zathura game because it actually puts them in the movie. Every time one of them has to pull a card the others are waiting in suspense.

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Nov 15, 2009


by: Anonymous

This game is great. My family enjoys the blast of fun.

Jul 24, 2009

Preferred the movie…

by: Anonymous

…but the game’s alright too

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