Yahtzee Wild

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You might be wondering why you would ever want to play Yahtzee on your own?

The next time you’re on a Greyhound bus trip, a long-haul flight, or simply killing time before soccer practice, this could come in handy. It makes for a simply portable version of what can be quite a tricky game to play on the move: one lost dice means the end of the game until you can find another!

Electronic Yahtzee comes in different forms, but Yahtzee Wild is one of the highest-rated by buyers.

“Wild” setting lets you score more points for multiple Yahtzees. You can also see your three highest ever scores, held in memory. A fun game for travel or waiting for appointments and an excellent stocking stuffer or birthday gift.

The addition of new rules certainly spices up the regular ol’ Yahtzee game, plus you can pass the unit around your friends to play in a group.

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