Wheel of Fortune online game

by Amanda Nettgen


Wheel of Fortune online game!

Wheel of Fortune online game

Rating out of five:


+ Stays true to the fun and feel of the Wheel of Fortune brand for the most part
+ Having only two puzzles to worry about may increase your likelihood of cash success
+ Score bonus given for speed
– No Pat Sajak or Vanna White in sight

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Are you a Fortune fan? Wheel of Fortune at GSN gives you the opportunity to be a contestant from the comfort of your home.

You only need to do well in one puzzle (plus a bonus round) to beat out others in this Wheel of Fortune online game. Play should come easy if you’ve watched the show before, but there are a few things to watch out for.

The first is being aware that the game requires you to keep moving (I assume this is to try to prevent people from cheating). If you don’t spin the wheel, buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle within 10 seconds, you lose a “turn” or life, and you only have 5.

The second thing to make note of is that you can only buy vowels before spinning, and just like on the Wheel of Fortune show, this will cost you points to do. You can’t buy a vowel if you don’t have enough accumulated points to cover the cost.

The third point to remember is that because you do have a limited number of turns, you should try to guess smart. It’s like Hangman in that if you miss 5 times, you’re out. You could also lose lives by landing on Lose a Turn when you spin the wheel, so be wary!

If you can guess the main puzzle phrase in the Wheel of Fortune online game within the time limit and your number of turns, you’ll proceed to the Bonus Round. This Bonus Round is just like the one on the TV show in that the letters R, S, T, L, N, E are provided to you, and you have 4 letters and 20 seconds to attempt to fill in the rest. The bonus amount you can score from this finisher is set at a strict 1,000.

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Wheel of Fortune online grants people who are dying to be contestants on the gameshow small-scale success. You’ll never go back to playing other PC versions for free! Give it a SPIN today — you’ll be happy you did.

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