Wheel of Fortune board game

by Luke Callden

(Aberdeen, Scotland)

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Wheel of Fortune
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Quick verdict

The Wheel of Fortune board game involves skill and chance, and was a mega hit TV series which first aired in 1975. It was hosted on CBS with Pat and Vanna White. The board game version is fun and also combines skill and luck.

The game and gameplay

A board has a phrase with the letters blanked out. The contestants spin the wheel (sometimes one might lose his money), then guess a letter of the alphabet (or ‘buy’ a vowel).

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Correct guesses fill in spaces on the big puzzle board. Eventually, those letters form a familiar phrase or name.

In theory, contestants try to guess that phrase as early as possible, while only seeing a few of the letters. But since contestants are also trying to win as much money as possible, their strategy is often to keep spinning the wheel even after they have figured out the puzzle, to rack up more dollars.

They risk losing it all, if the wheel lands on the “Bankrupt” space.

Pros and cons

If you’re a Lucky Luke on a given day, you can earn a lot of bucks or you will turn from a prince to a pauper in no time. The luck element really has an impact on the outcome.

The verdict

The Wheel of Fortune board game is a decent adaptation of the TV show and is a fun family experience. Suitable for most kids of eight years or older.

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