Epigo Board Game

by Gary Walts

(Montreal Board Game Meetup)

Click to buy Epigo Board Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Epigo Board Game
Board game manufacturer:
Masquerade Games
Number of players:
2 (4 with variant)
30 mins

Quick Verdict

Backed by a concept of anticipating your opponent’s moves, and expanded upon with over 20 rules variants in the box, Epigo is is a game made for players who love to say GOTYA! Thank you to Chris Kruter for the review sample.

The game and gameplay

Epigo is an abstract 2 player game (there is a 2 vs 2 rules variant) in which players will move up to three numbered tiles in order to push their opponent’s tiles off the board. Each player gets a set of Epigons (tiles numbers 1-7, and X, for the board) and a set of Orders (large tiles marked 1-7 and SLAM!, with arrows).

The basic game sets up with each player distributing the Epigons face down along the centre rows as they wish, then revealing the numbers and removing the X Epigon. Using the 1 – 7 order tiles, players each round will secretly choose three numbers and orient the arrows in the direction that the player wants to move that numbered Epigon.Click to buy Epigo Board Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

For example, you would orient the 3 Order tile to the left if you want to move the 3 Epigon left on the board. The Orders, once decided upon, are stacked in the order the player wishes to take the actions. Each player when ready will simultaneously reveal their first action. The higher-numbered order resolves first, followed by the lower-numbered order.

For example, player 1 orders the 2 to move left and player 2 order 6 downwards. The 6 moves first, and could potentially affect what happens with the 2. Of course the numbers could be the same, and if both players reveal the same number, the moves are cancelled! Once the first set of Orders are revealed and resolved, the second set is resolved the same way, followed by the third. A New round follows and the game continues until one player has three of their Epigons forced off the board. The surviving player wins!

The key to Epigo is the battle of wits between you and your opponent. As the game progresses, you find yourself trying to anticipate not only what move your opponent will make, but when that turn the order will be made so you can cancel or counter it.

Of course, you opponent is also trying to counter and cancel your moves too, a major factor to consider when planing your orders. It’s this conflict, this guessing game, that generates the excitement in this title. You feel BOSS when you block a key move, utter *&$^#%^ swear words when your countered, and have a good laugh about it in the end win or lose. In simpler terms, this is a fun and enjoyable game!

Pros and cons

Base game is re-playable as is. You’ll play two or three rounds at a time, getting better at both the strategy of the game and reading the other player.

Variants that change the game each time you play. Alternate starting setups, special abilities, “pits” in the playing field, alternate win conditions. There’s 21 in the box and more on the official website. Click to buy Epigo Board Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

While not strong on theme, the ancient Mesopotamian flavoring gives the game a a nice look and feel.

Rules are simple to demonstrate.

Can be frustrating to lose a bunch of games in a row.

Only one set of rules for 4 players out of the box (although there may be more later)

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The Verdict

With the potential of a new game every time this comes out of the box, Epigo is sure to deliver. It’s easily the most varied 2 player game I’ve had the opportunity to play. If you play 2 player games frequently and live for that “GOTYA!” moment when you make the game winning move, no need to think twice about this. Make it 5 “GOTYA!”s out of 5

Click to buy Epigo Board Game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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