Theophrastus board game

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Theophrastus board game

A game concerning formulas?! Surely high school was where these were best left behind, and good riddance? But this premise turns out to create the basis for a really fun card-based outing that many people will enjoy.

There’s chemistry as well as strategy in this game. Each round sees you trying to recreate one of Theo’s formulas, but you’re given hints. Get as close to his original formula as possible to earn maximum points.

You begin with five ingredient cards: Normal, Special and Philosopher’s Stones, which have lots of special powers, including the ability to transmute one element into another.

The gameplay is interesting. You’re given action points to use before your turn, which can be exchanged for randomly drawing elements from the decks, sorting through the decks to select a card of your choice (!!), or playing cards in varying degrees of secrecy, which dictates how much information your opponents glean from your actions. Continues belowYou must not have more than five cards in your hand at the end of your turn, or the excess cards are removed. Scoring is based on the accuracy of the elements you placed in your own and Theophrastus’ formulas. Highest score after three rounds wins the Theophrastus board game.

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