The Red Dragon Inn 2

by Douglas

(Yamagata, Japan)

Click to buy The Red Dragon Inn 2 from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!The Red Dragon Inn 2
Board game manufacturer:
Slugfest Games
2-4 or 2-8
30-60 min

Quick verdict

This is an almost identical game to The Red Dragon Inn. If you liked that, you’ll like this!

The game and gameplay

The two major differences to TRDI are these:

1) There are four all new character classes:

Eve the Illusionist – Seeing may very well not be believing with Eve!

Fleck the Bard – Bit of a lightweight drinking but a cracking voice!

Click to buy The Red Dragon Inn 2 from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

Dimli the Dwarf – a natural ability to get gold but never seems a happy chappy!

Gog the Half Ogre – Strong and green (in more ways than one)!

2) You can play this version as a stand-alone game, like the original TRDI game, or you can combine these four new characters with the original TRDI game to make it a very rowdy 8-player game!

The extra four characters add even more replay value to this fun game. It is possible to swap and change characters from the two sets to make a completely different game of 4 players on each playing.

For first-timers this game shouldn’t take that long to pick up, but might take a few games to consistently end up in the final stages of each game.

An 8-player game will obviously take longer than a 4-player game but for those that already like the game this expansion will be greeted by lots of mirth and banging of tankards on wooden tables!

Pros and cons

The same great Red Dragon Inn action you know and love.

More for fans to get their teeth into.

More players can drink at the fantasy inn!

Doesn’t do much more than give you more of the same.

The verdict

The Red Dragon Inn 2 is a nice addition to the basic set. It’s currently sold out, but Slugfest are working on a third title in the series, so watch this space!

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