The Market of Alturian

by The Beast!

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The Market of Alturian

While Alturien is a fairly straightforward game, there’s nothing basic about the presentation, with simply stunning artwork on the board, top drawer components and a huge box to hold it all.

This has some elements in common with Monopoly, with the same caveats — luck plays a crucial factor in determining the winner.

You’ll be collecting money in the form of Real, moving gold, silver and bronze customers as dictated by dice rolls. Continues belowIn common with other Euro games, there’s more complex rules available if you find the basic game a bit simple — though for most experienced gamers, even advanced options are too easy — plus the German obsession with thieves comes back in The Market of Alturien, as you’ll be able to do some stealing during the game.

This might be a good choice of board games for ‘tweens and teens, but most adults will be turned off after a few tries, despite the amazing look of the game.

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