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That’s SO Raven games: Tell It Like It Is
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Briar Patch
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Quick Verdict

The That’s SO Raven “Tell It Like It Is” board game is geared towards the younger market. I would not recommend this game for anyone over 14 years of age. This game is relatively simplistic.

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In this game, you join with Raven, Chelsea, Eddie and Cory to get to know your friends better.

You ask each other questions like “What’s your favorite pizza topping?”, “Who’s your favorite teacher?”, or “Who’s your crush?”

You visit the other players’ corners and you answer their question there.Pros and cons

I found That’s SO Raven games: Tell It How It Is got boring fast because of the simplicity. It is not complex, so it goes well with the younger crowd.

I almost think that this board game is geared at a crowd even younger than the actual show is! Kids who like the show will really like the game.

The gameplay gets old fast and will not be replayed too often. Does not play well with mixed age groups.

I think this game goes well with the show, but I feel it is a slapped together game with a very basic premise and idea. The questions are simple, and I do not think they provide hours and hours of gameplay.

The Verdict

I do not regret buying my nine-year-old this game. However, she played it once with a few friends during a sleepover and has yet to play it again. I think kids would much rather enjoy a young Monopoly games edition than this game.

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