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Street Car

Board game manufacturer:
Mayfair Games
Number of players:

Build a trolley route across New Orleans and race to finish the course aboard your very own trolley in this fun board game entitled Street Car.

Originally published as Linie 1 in 1996, it was republished by Mayfair as Street Car, with a whole new end-game rules and artwork. The main objective of the this trolley game is to take your street car on an inaugural run after building your own street car line through the city of New Orleans. Become the first player to complete your route as you compete against other players who are trying to build their own.

The game board on which the players will play on is a simple square 12×12 grid representing the streets of New Orleans, with city landmarks scattered around the board. On the perimeter of the board line 6 pairs of trolley terminal numbered 1-6, with two terminals per number that represent the start and end point of the course.

Distributed around the board are trolley stops which a player must pass by before getting to the end terminal. To start the game, each player is assigned a street car line and a route consisting of 2 or 3 stops that must be made (depending on whether you want a shorter or longer game). Given a secret set of stations and street car line, players build their track by laying two track tiles every turn.

Click to buy Street Car Board Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

Once a player’s tracks are completed, he’s ready for an inaugural run. The first player to race his trolley from one terminal to another and visit each of the assigned landmarks along the way wins the game.

Although the street car running might be the fun part during which victory is well within sight, the track-laying phase is the heart of the game. A player should try to place his track as best as he can to create the most direct route.

The street car-running phase is quite straightforward. After the network has been completed, a player can begin to run the street car along its track. The sooner the street car starts its course, the better the chance a player will have of winning.

What makes this game exciting and entertaining at the same time is the mere fact that no one knows what other players’ goals are. Other players will have different stops than the ones shown on your card.

Saying that Street Car is another train board game just like anything else is a big understatement. It does deal with laying of tracks and racing, but doesn’t feel like your ordinary train games. Street Car is enjoyed by beginners and hardened gamers alike because of its appealing nature.

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