Steam Barons: Expansion for Steam Board Game

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Steam Barons: Expansion for Steam Board Game

Board game manufacturer:
Mayfair Games
Number of players:

If you own Train board games such as Railroad Tycoon, Prairie Railroads, and the like, then most probably you are already familiar with the concept of this expansion for the Steam board game.

From the collaboration of three of the best game developers comes the first supplemental release for the Steam line: Steam Barons. With this expansion, there is a whole new way to play Mayfair’s Steam.

The Steam Barons expansion rules introduce a stock-market system to the game. Now you can buy and sell shares in the railway companies. Players compete for ownership of the various companies with the primary shareholder in each company deciding the actions of the company each turn.

The fortunes of various companies will fluctuate as the game progresses, so deciding when to invest and cash in your shares is up to you.

The game includes 144 wooden train pieces which must be used with the Steam Barons expansion, but can also be used with the base and standard games.

This game comes with two new maps suitable for five and six players. One covering eastern USA along with parts of Canada, and the other covering northern England. It features a large tract of mountains in the center that are expensive to cross.

Additional track tiles are included to avoid shortages. This game also contains wooden train markers that can be used to mark track ownership instead of the disks in the Base and Standard Steam game.

1 double-sided game board
6 Company displays
38 Railway track tiles
32 money tokens
1 first player marker
16 black goods cubes
144 wooden train track ownership markers
1 Stock-market game card
1 full-color rulebook

Note: Steam Barons is only an expansion and requires a copy of Steam to play.

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