Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly

by Amanda Nettgen


Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly PC game!

Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly PC game

Rating out of five:


+ A perfect version of Monopoly for Spongebob fans!
+ Four play modes, with special rules, but the original rules are here too
+ Superb themed graphics
– Non-Spongebob fans should avoid it

Since Hasbro shut down all the download games, the only place to get the Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly PC game is from Amazon...
Since Hasbro shut down all the download games, the only place to get the Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly PC game is from Amazon…

Fans of the show SpongeBob SquarePants will have a swimmingly good time playing this version of Monopoly. It offers four unique ways to play, with the fundamentals of Monopoly intact for each one: SpongeBob Rules, Monopoly Rules, Squidward Rules or Plankton Rules.

With SpongeBob rules, you’ll get a SpongeBob-themed Monopoly board, but play mini-games at important moments (ex. for passing GO or being sent to jail). No matter the pawn you chose, you’ll see a cute portrait of you character in the mini Monopoly board in the top right.

This miniature board is your quick glance resource to see who owns which properties (yours are highlighted), if anything’s up for mortgage and where your next move will land you. Money stats are constantly compared for each player and a scrolling game history is recorded regularly. There is a timer and last dice rolled display as well.

On your turn, you not only have to hit Roll Dice, but click on a purple clam to release your dice, which is kind of annoying. Your paper doll look-alike in Spongebob Monopoly will obey whatever the giant dice read, presenting you with the opportunity to purchase properties if you submarine to them like in regular Monopoly.

You’ll play a mini-game where you mash the A button on your keyboard frantically, attempting to lower the cost of the sell. Bought locales sport your character’s personal sold sign throughout the game. If you land on someone else’s property, you play another fastest finger mini-game with clams to lower how much rent you have to pay.

Squidward Rules and Plankton Rules aren’t much different; you still play all the same mini-games, just with Squidward you have the option to move your token OR your opponent’s on your turn (perfect for escorting rivals to a hotel or the luxury tax space) and Plankton is more of a timed game.

Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly is an entertaining version of the Monopoly game. It’s great for teaching kids mathematical and strategic skills, as they’ll be lured in by the fun of SpongeBob. It has fairly good graphics and a ton of available statistics (not just most games won, but most cash in hand, number of turns in jail, cumulative rent paid, etc.).

SpongeBob addicts will love Spongebob Monopoly, but Monopoly purists who aren’t familiar with the show may not. It’s a good fit for most children, regardless if they know where Bikini Bottom is or not.

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May 10, 2014


by: Anonymous

Jan 10, 2014



by: hyu setya

this is awesome game , i love it,, very creative, and unique

Sep 14, 2011

Spongebob monopoly

by: Chris


Feb 04, 2011


by: nisaAPC

i want to have it

Jan 05, 2011


by: Sarh


Dec 24, 2010

monoply sponge bob

by: rosana

hi my name is rosana i comefrome new caldiona i am only 10 yesrs old my birthday is in 2 feb i have a sister(1) (1) mum (1) dad if you can reply to me and tell me what site shoud i go on to play monply it will be relly cool me and my sister that is only 5 years old and we wont to play she has been baging me to play sponge bob monply

Oct 10, 2010




Sep 19, 2010

love this game

by: Crystal

This game is really fun i love this game

Aug 26, 2010

good job

by: karthik

Great game!

Jul 16, 2010

spongebob squarepants monopoly

by: lauren

cool game

Jun 17, 2010

Spongebob in Indonesia

by: Sani


Jun 04, 2010


by: Anonymous


Jun 19, 2009

a good game

by: Anonymous

this a good game because in here spongebob very funny

Jun 09, 2009

dome people

by: alex

i can not find any game online! if you want people to play your games than put it online NOT download

May 08, 2009

The secret character name

by: Anonymous

The secret character is: Plankton

Dec 15, 2008

youll love it

by: Jamie, MA, USA

spongebob squarepants monopoly is all about spongebob as you go through all the games you get more money and have more fun i love this game and you should too.

Dec 11, 2008

just wanna know

by: desert rose

what is the secret characters name to this game?

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