Save Your Planet! board game

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Save Your Planet! Save yourself the bother, more like

Save Your Planet! Save yourself the bother, more like

Save Your Planet!
Board game manufacturer:
Rumba Games
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To be honest, when I came across this game, I swore it was something akin to Captain Planet or Werewolf the Apocalypse, but what I ended up with was quite surprising.

First the game itself is a simple board which has a world map and flight routes. You get two dice, one the normal six-sided die and the other a bonus die with modifiers and vortices. A deck consists of Hazard Cards, Problem Cards, Solution Cards, Destination Cards and Landing Cards. Rounding out the components of the game are six multi-colored jets.

Now, what do you do with all this stuff?

The game and gameplay

The game’s premise is that you are UN (United Nations — not United Nations of Beer!) diplomat for special missions.

You can represent one of five countries; North America, Africa, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Australia. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a huge planetary cataclysm which threatens the world. And you have to stop it.

To accomplish this, you have to travel the world collecting and solving problems and interact with other delegates just like you. You move the small colored planes across the board and they act as your counter. All the other delegates are trying to stop this thing, but in their own way.

The second obstacle is the UN has its own method for dealing with this: it’s a bad call, and you know it.

While traveling the world of the Save Your Planet! board game you will encounter other players and some you may even have to work with. However, as you’re moving along the board, so is the United Nations Envoy and you must stop them before they reach their destination.

A game which has a plot like a big budget movie, you almost think Tom Clancy designed it while writing Rainbow Six.

Pros and cons

The Pros to this game are huge, but not due to gameplay. This is a strategy game, yes, but it also offers numerous problems that can only be solved by working together.

As well as promoting co-operation amongst your peers, Save Your Planet offers a fundamental care for the environment. Who cares?

Now for the Cons of the game which ask the same question again, “Who Cares?” A game with promise, it almost makes you see the MB Executive who turned down this idea and thus forced the game designer to go to a lesser-known board game company.

This game offers too much surrealism and faces topics not for the child at heart. A game not for kids but marketed towards them? Say what? Yeah, that’s what I said. Game play is also a factor, it’s a tad slow and a bit boring to sit and wait for one player to solve his/her problem and then move on.


Save Your Planet! asks you to save the Earth from a catastrophe… but this game is the catastrophe. Someone come save me from this game!

The classic Christian rating is 1 Foot Print and that’s only because I have never published a board game.

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Feb 17, 2010

From The Inventer

by: Anonymous

I invented the game Save Your Planet several years ago.

I developed it and did manufactured it myself. It was not turned down by MB as I did not take it to them.

The original game had you playing against, not only each other, but a countdown to the end of the earth.

There was always a different outcome to the game. And, unlike other games, you can win from any position if you use the right tactics.


The Inventer

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