Road to the White House game

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Road to the White House game

If you fancy yourself as an Obama or (heaven forbid) McCain, then Road to the White House is the board game for you. And while politics (along with sex and religion) is one of the subjects you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company, this game may surprise sceptics who think it unlikely to appeal to them.

Each player becomes a politician, either pre-made or custom. Your most important stats are charisma and cash, but there are lots of other ways to rate each politician and even those are not set in stone, as bonuses can be awarded depending on the situation.

Just like in real politics, your position on hot issues dictates much of your political success or failure. There are loads of different issues in the Road to the White House game, ranging from foreign aid to abortion and everything in-between. The number of players active in the game dictate how many issues are used: one issue for every two players.

The idea is of course to collect votes, but to do this you’ll need to visit cities, which requires money… So just like the real White House challenge, you have to balance your campaign.

Debates spring up when two candidates or surrogates arrive in the same city. Debates are settled by dice rolls, influenced by the bonuses for active issues. Continues below

Random events can also have an outcome on the election, winning or losing candidates votes depending on the nature of the event on the card.

The excitement of the vote count is ensured because players may only record their own votes and try to mentally tally up, or use polls, to figure out where their opponents stand!

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