Monopoly Time Cuckoo Clock

by The Beast

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

Click to buy Monopoly Time Cuckoo Clock from Collectibles Today!Monopoly Time Cuckoo Clock
(Collectibles Today)

You’d have to be a “cuckoo” Monopoly collector to seriously consider owning this.

Trouble is, no matter how hard we try to dismiss this clock as worthless tat, it’s impossible. Monopoly is such a cool license and there are so many fun items out there, somebody is BOUND to love this.

We’ve seen far worse, to be sure. And we do like the gold-color tokens on the base of the clock, the lovely racing green face and the “Monopoly” pendulum.

It’s kitschy, cute and expensive. All the ducks are in a row! So get saving.

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