Monopoly Littlest Pet Shop

by The Beast!

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Monopoly Littlest Pet Shop

In one of the funniest Monopoly games editions we’ve seen to date, this super-cute Littlest Pet Shop edition will appeal to both young girls AND their parents. After all, if your dear ones are going to be playing board games, they might as well be learning!

The theme is strong, from the artwork to the “Paws and Claws” Realty name. The regular Monopoly tokens have been replaced with full-size LPS characters — perfect for small fingers to grip. Your kids can substitute any LPS character from their existing collection to use instead of the six supplied pets.

Learning by stealth is always the best way to teach and counting and business skills will be developed here — whether they like it or not! A fun choice for girls’ birthday parties or sleepover nights.

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