Monopoly 3

by Amanda Nettgen


Monopoly 3!

Monopoly 3 PC game

Rating out of five:


+ Lovely graphics are a big improvement over the original PC version
+ 11 different city boards provide loads of variety
– 3D mode can enduce motion sickness
– Very annoying narration (can be switched off)
– You aren’t aware when you pay rent
– Hasbro shut down all the downloadable versions — you now have to buy from Amazon or eBay

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Hasbro has stopped all the downloadable Monopoly games, so you’ll have to buy from Amazon or eBay! (BOO, Hasbro.)

I don’t know what happened to Monopoly 2, but Monopoly Three is another take on the classic franchise. Its primary distinction is the inclusion of ten “city” boards.

You’ll notice annoying sounds and voices as soon as you start Monopoly 3 on your PC. “You can call me Mr. Monopoly” the host informs you (what else would we call him?). Choose to play a local game or a network one, enter your name, the pick one of eleven tokens to play with (no new ones here).

After that, add human or computer players and pick your board: Classic, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto or Washington. Next, choose standard or custom rules.

If you choose one of the themed boards, each property space from the classic board will be replaced with a city equivalent.

Monopoly 3 plays just like Monopoly the game or the Monopoly PC game by Parker Brothers, with the following exceptions.

Each move is narrated like crazy, including quips from the tokens themselves. Properties you own sport a colored marker rather than a duplicate of your playing piece, and when rent is paid you’re mostly unaware (a HUGE negative).Mr. Monopoly Christmas ornament reviewed by BoardgameBeast. Click to read!

The auctions that are conducted are nicer than those in Monopoly Tycoon, but movement around the board has the potential to make you motion sick with the way it swings and spins. All of the same Chance and Community Chest cards are there, with what is read being animated to boot.

If it says go to Illinois Avenue but you are playing the Los Angles board, for example, you will simply be directed to where that spot would be in the classic version. You can save games for later and calculate various odds using the in-game calculator.

Monopoly fanatics may appreciate the opportunity to get eleven boards for the price of one. You can change the in-game muzak by going to Options, which is a good feature.

I have to stress again how annoying Mr. Monopoly and the tokens both commenting on stuff is. Thankfully, you can turn all parties of the unwanted peanut gallery off by going to Options.

After you adjust a lot of the extras to a lower level of frustration (they don’t save the next game you play, mind you), Monopoly 3 is playable for Monopoly fans. If It didn’t include the 10 bonus boards, this PC take wouldn’t be anything special.

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