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I never thought I’d find an animated show that made me want to stop watching The Simpsons, but it happened with Family Guy. The biggest problem with The Simpsons is the family set-up; there’s no child over 10 years old, so by necessity the children of the family cannot get directly involved with any adult jokes. Family Guy still feels fresh and original; The Simpsons feels like a dead horse that still tries to run.

As a consequence, there are Family Guy games based on all the popular board game franchises: Trivial Pursuit, CLUE, Monopoly, The Game of Life and more. Continues below

Operating on Peter Griffin is too good a chance to miss. You’ll get to pluck out his Gas Factory, 30 Burger Stroke, Giant Chicken Pox, Bionic Eye and more!

If you’re wondering whether adults would play Family Guy games, Operation could be redesigned as a drinking game, with house rules for what happens if you fudge an op, plus each of the five sayings Peter comes out with as you do. Certainly, fans of Family Guy collectors’ items will want a copy.

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