Emira board game

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Emira board game

Arab Sultans putting together a harem seems like a perfect setting for a board game, a slam-dunk for male gamers, certainly, and so Emira will appeal to many among you — especially as it looks stunning. The quality of the board and components is incredible. But will the game live up to the sum of its parts?

Be prepared to invest a large chunk of time learning how to play. Many games, from Puerto Rico to Agricola, are the same, but you’ll need to know this before you set up with new players for the first time.

Click to buy Emira board game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Each turn involves competing with your enemy Sultans to add a girl (represented on a card) to your harem. They do this by making themselves more appealing to the girl, who will choose the best match for her when the round is over. Enrich your camel herd, add to your palace or improve your personal appearance to please the lady. The first player to complete their ‘goal’ card by collecting enough women wins.

Gamers concur that the concept is excellent and the components top class, but the Emira board game plays too slowly to be truly compelling.

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