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Board game manufacturer:
Mayfair Games
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From the prolific designing team that brought you excellent games such as Tikal, Torres, and Java, to name a few, Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling present a simple yet elegant game in Bison. It has taken some familiar mechanisms from the conventional area majority control games to create an improved game in the genre that is unique enough to captivate board game enthusiasts.

Set in what is now Idaho during the times even before the arrival of the white man, this board game portrays the life of the Nez Perce – a tribe of Native Americans who settled in the Northwestern region of the United States. These inhabitants are brave warriors who lead a peaceful, nomadic existence. These hunters would set forth and explore new lands to gather food supplies in preparation for the brutal winter season.

During harvest season, they would wander in bands to catch fowl and deer, follow herds of bison, and catch a bountiful number of fish.

In Bison, every player leads a band of hunters on the quest to lay claim on the most fertile pastures, plentiful hunting grounds, and richest rivers. This is not as easy as it sounds because the competition for the lands will be intense. You will have to use your hunters to build canoes and teepees to secure your claim over the best areas before your rivals can. In doing so, you will need to feed your hunters so they can get the job done but your supplies are limited.

Click to buy Bison Thunder on the Prairie Board Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

The key to victory is to effectively manage the scarce supply and strategically organize your hunters’ tasks. The players should amass as many provisions as possible being that the ultimate objective is to maximize the food income on the final turn.

When the first snow falls, the band of hunters must return to their winter quarters. The player with the most provisions to supply to the tribe will earn the respect of other players and win the game.

We really like the odd-shaped tiles used to assemble the land. They make a big difference to the look of the game.

21 land tiles. Three of these are marked as starting tiles. Each tile depicts the three types of landscapes – rivers, mountain and prairie – and the corresponding animals in varying numbers – salmon, turkeys and bison.
32 hunters (wooden cubes in blue, red, yellow and green)
12 wooden scoring cubes
24 teepees
24 canoes
4 players boards – these are used to keep track of the player’s food and actions taken during the game. They also have cost charts on them for reference which is very handy.
16 white action cube markers
Totem pole tile that designates the starting player
1 rule booklet

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