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by Cheryl Hinneberg


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Bible Trivia
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The Bible Trivia board game will challenge the ability of all players when it comes to their memory of the Bible. This game will make you think and know that you heard the verse before, but it is creatively designed to help you remember Scripture.

The object of Bible Trivia is to go around the board, following the path by answering the questions correctly. The first player to get to the FINISH mark wins. The trivia cards are designed for the very young player as well as those that are advanced in their Bible studies.

The game and gameplay

Each player is given a game card and throughout the game players will answer a question from the card held by the player to his left. Judgment cards are shuffled and placed face down in the designated area. Each player selects a game piece and places it on START. Each player rolls the die and the player with the highest number goes first. Play proceeds to the left.

Players move along the game path by answering questions correctly. The first player to reach FINISH wins.

If a player lands on a judgment space he must pick a card from the face down pile and read it aloud. If answered correctly, the player will be instructed on how to advance from there.Bible Trivia is a fun game that brings people together and strengthens Christian learning.

The game has trivia cards for children, with the most common and simple verses and then advanced cards for the knowledgeable players.

Pros and cons

The game is easy to follow and if you are a Bible buff then you will find it challenging and fun.

This is not a game for those who have no Bible knowledge, as they will feel like they are listening to foreign language by hearing Bible verses.

The verdict

If you are playing the Bible Trivia board game with other Christians that have a passion for the Bible and wish to memorize Scripture, then this is certainly the game to do that with.

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