Uno video game

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Uno video game for XBox 360
Uno video game for XBox 360

Uno video game for the Xbox 360 (arcade download)
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Carbonated Games
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Quick verdict

Uno for the Xbox 360 is everyone’s top card game, just quicker and console-compatible. You can play alone against computers or with strangers using Xbox LIVE.

The game and gameplay

From the main menu, pick your poison: Single Player Game, Multiplayer Game, Leaderboards, Achievements, Help & Options, or Download Content.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!You should see a familiar face at the bottom of the screen – your Microsoft “Mii” (or not so familiar if you abandoned taking the new avatar business seriously). Your avatar won’t do anything but look cute and make dumb gestures, and you need to “enable” him or her in Options to have the virtual you show up in game play too.

Single Player Game is where you can work on getting most of the achievements if you don’t have an Xbox LIVE Gold account. You’ll play traditional Uno against three normal difficulty AIs. It’s the same color/number matching card game as always, but streamlined in that it’s of course faster, and score is kept track of automatically.

Click to order 4000 points for Xbox LIVE!Your every move is suggested to you beforehand, highlighting a possible choice to submit and also making you aware of when you have no available moves, it’s time to call Uno, etc.

It makes Uno pretty pointless if you have everything done for you, though, and is sometimes unwise if a more strategic card could be played (yes, Uno has slightly more strategy than Go Fish – but not by much). Try to keep at least one card of each color group in your hand at all times so you always have something to work with. Unless you get Skipped. Or Reversed.

You can also customize your own rules for Uno, which is very useful when in pursuit of certain achievements. I lower the number of points that is needed for the games to end from the default of 250 to the minimum of 100.

There’s no sense playing round after round of Uno if I’m going for the Devotee achievement (win 40 games of Uno). That would just drag it out and possibly increase my risk of losing the longer I played. Your House Rules are forever saved until you modify them again, which is handy.

Click to order 4000 points for Xbox LIVE!The Multiplayer option is where you can jump in and play live Uno video game sessions with other Xbox 360 Uno owners from around the world. It’s great for chatting and being competitive. As with most Xbox games, a few of Uno’s achievements are only attainable from playing on Xbox LIVE, so if you only have a Silver account, sorry, but the cards aren’t in your favor on this one.

The Leaderboards tab seems self-explanatory, but as for Help & Options, here is the place where you can observe your game progress, turn off the sickening game show music, and more. And if you are the one person on the planet that somehow managed to play a 360 before you ever learned how to play Uno, you’ll find a rules refresher here too.

As far as achievements go, the Uno video game – like other arcade-only games – doesn’t offer many (but come to think of it, could they even really make 1000G for Uno and not bore us to death?). Most are of the “play X number of X cards nature”, and the Devotee one mentioned earlier is likely to take awhile if flying solo.

Download Content is the place to get new themes for your Uno play. It currently has a small selection geared more towards guys; nothing cutesy like Hello Kitty or anything. It does provide a free 35th Anniversary theme, however, of which I do recommend you utilize, as it does make things a little more exciting with its confetti and “3” or “5” rule. It plays the same as standard Uno otherwise.

Pros and cons

If you’re one of those people who can say, “Forget stamps! I collect Uno decks” then you’ll likely enjoy the Uno video game for the Xbox 360. It’s a wholesome game you can have your kids play when they’re itching to use Dad’s 360 but you don’t want them playing say, Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto IV.

I can’t even joke about the con of it being less portable than a physical deck of cards, as you can’t play with anybody who’s not at least a few Xbox 360s away, anyway.

Uno video game for XBox 360That in itself is a major con, but I guess it’s less of a deal when you realize that much of the fun of the physical game gets lost in translation on a TV screen regardless.

The verdict

This Uno video game is mainly only for Uno freaks, passive competitors, or those wanting a family-friendly game. It still gets a 3 out of 5 because, you know, it’s Uno.

Boardgame Beast gives UNO for the Xbox 360 three footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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