Uno Rush Xbox 360

by Amanda Nettgen


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Uno Rush Xbox 360
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Quick verdict

If the card games Uno and Speed had a baby, Uno Rush would probably be the result. It takes the original concept of Uno and amps it way up.

What’s it about?

As most any card game starts, everyone is dealt a hand. One major difference you’ll notice right off the bat between Uno Rush and the original game, though, is that players can see each other’s cards. This is because the game moves very fast, and it’s necessary to be able to plan your moves a little bit.

Submit your OWN Footprint Rating and <br>leave comments for this game!Uno Rush seemed completely crazy the first few times I played it, but I caught on fast. Basically, you always want to be sorting your cards in such a way that will enable you to get rid of a lot of them in one turn.

Cards can be discarded following the rules of original Uno; if you’re starting card matches the color or number on the discard pile, you’re set. Arrange your hand so that every card that follows your top one relates in some way to be able to discharge a ton of cards at once.

If you can’t make a move, you draw an additional card to add to your hand just like in regular Uno. Command Cards are also presented, a new one being a Shuffle that skips the next player’s turn and mixes up their precious ordering! Command Cards stop the flow of your discard, though, so it’s best to use them at the end of a card set.

Click to get the UNO Rush online code from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!You still call Uno, of course, when you’re down to your last card. If you forget to call it, you may be challenged by an opponent, which will then turn your “uno” into a “tres”. Get rid of all your cards to gleefully rack up the points left in the other player’s hands!

Pros and cons

+ It’s frantic and fun.

+ It sure is nice being able to lay down more than one card per turn, unlike the usual Uno.

+ There are four ways to play including Partner mode, which in essence doubles your odds of winning.

Click to get the UNO Rush online code from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!+ You can play online against people from all-over.

– It’s probably too hard for most kids to be able to play.

Uno Rush is an amusing, modern take on the usually slow-going original. It appeals to a wide audience because of traditional Uno’s popularity.

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