Uno online card game

by Amanda Nettgen


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Uno online card game: Uno Undercover!

Uno online card game: Uno Undercover

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+ A superb twist on the Uno card game and very well done
+ The only GOOD way to play Uno without any other players
+ Tons of levels to play as you explore the world
+ Signing up for this game lets you play Uno online as well!
– Graphics are a little dated

Get this game now!
Get this game now

Uno Undercover… isn’t the name just so… intriguing? What you’ll find in addition to the detective clues in the game is a bunch of Uno card game rounds with a bit of a storyline.

You play the game as Felicia Blue, a would-be world Uno champ turned part-time detective. Escort her to a trip to the beach, where you’ll hunt for clues, dress up, and play lots of Uno, of course.

You’ll need to satisfy the storyline by purchasing a required clothing piece before you can move on and play a game of Uno.

The first Uno session finds you at the beach, playing with some strangers and your kids. The current card color will warp to the background of the next player, and arrows distinguish the rotation of game play (before any Reverse cards, that is). You can’t visually see how many cards the AIs are holding, but a number in the lower left of their icon will tell you. Get it now!

Games take a while, but when a computer player does get Uno but doesn’t call it, be sure to Challenge him or her to set them back a few cards.

You’ll move on to play Uno alongside varied characters in different locations, earning mission points and bragging rights (Trophies) along the way. Sometimes you’ll have a conversation with the characters while playing a game of Uno. Get it now!

Each game you win nets you a small burst of fireworks and your score (a compilation of what was in the other players’ hands). If you lose, the same deal happens: fireworks and the winner’s score is shown. You must keep repeating the particular Uno rep until you win to move on in the story!

If you want a version of Uno that’s a little more fancy, then this is your niche. It’s got good, anime-esque graphics and entire card and character descriptions in Help.

I don’t like how the game cards “float” in Uno Undercover. They’re hard to pick up, and then you’ve got to click a little icon at the top instead of the anywhere on the card to submit it. I guess that’s so you don’t accidentally play a card you wanted to save.

Uno Undercover is best geared towards child Uno lovers. It’s a cute concept all-around, but kind of lacking when it comes to actual game play.

Get this UNO game, which for many people is reason enough.

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Aug 05, 2013

انا الفائز


by: mustafa

اناالفائز دوما

Apr 07, 2013

HI GUYS where did u play uno undercover.can you tell me.i like to play uno undercover somuch i loveuno.u


by: sik

hai guys .where did uplay uno undercover.can u give the website please!

Feb 05, 2013



by: JAAA


Sep 01, 2012


by: mahmoud

Great game, hi!

May 10, 2011


by: b.j


Apr 14, 2011


by: sally smith

try a better gamesite called 123bee

Apr 08, 2011


by: shosha

i will win

Apr 04, 2011

love it

by: jahlequah

i love the game how people hate that i got to say love love it it it it it it it it it

Apr 04, 2011

love it

by: jahlequah

i love the game how people hate that i got to say love love it it it it it it it it it

Apr 04, 2011

love it

by: jahlequah

i love the game how people hate that i got to say love love it it it it it it it it it

Apr 04, 2011

love it

by: jahlequah

i love the game how people hate that i got to say love love it it it it it it it it it

Mar 31, 2011

i just love it

by: geethanjali

i want that game right know

Mar 12, 2011


by: EG

Feb 09, 2011




Feb 04, 2011

im really new i want to play

by: im am new

love it

Sep 17, 2010

puerto rico

by: alexander rivera

hey i want play uno good get champ

Sep 04, 2010


by: Anonymous


Aug 29, 2010


by: Brooke

Imma beast at uno. I always go hard, so dont take it easy.

Aug 05, 2010

i need help sighnin in to play uno game

by: Anonymous

cant get it to work

Jul 22, 2010


by: Anonymous

i hate this i cant sighn on or cant even play a game and it is not free it swipes your credit card and gets monyey out of your acount and i cant play not even one game as the most I HATE THIS

Jul 20, 2010


by: Anonymous

awesum game

Jun 21, 2010

hate it

by: Aqsa

hate it

Jun 20, 2010

What are the cards names?

by: Anonymous

i love this game . there are cards named1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/+2/+4/wild.

Jun 19, 2010


by: Anonymous

timing game

Jun 16, 2010


by: Anonymous


Jun 10, 2010

gay game

by: john mcnally

a load of my arse

Jun 01, 2010

You CAN play it for free

by: The Downloadable Beast

You have to sign up for a GameHouse Fun Ticket trial account (or get a friend or relative to do it for you). Download and unlock the game. Cancel the account. Now you have the full game free.

Jun 01, 2010

Can I Play it

by: Anonymous

Can I play it for free?

May 26, 2010


by: mian

It is my best game

Feb 03, 2010


by: Anonymous

uno is straight out down 4 my shit

Feb 03, 2010


by: Anonymous

uno is straight out down 4 my shit

Jan 08, 2010


by: Anonymous

Uno fun game.

Jan 05, 2010


by: Anonymous

this game is so awesome.try it!

Jan 04, 2010

You don’t have to buy

by: The Beast!

When you sign up for a FREE 30-day trial you get the game FREE. It’s as simple as that! Best deal online.

Jan 03, 2010


by: Anonymous

i love this and i don’t want to buy

Jan 03, 2010


by: Anonymous

how can yall play any thing without downlosding it good lord?????

Jan 02, 2010

how to u start the game???

by: Anonymous

hw do u play dis game??

Jan 02, 2010

Download it

by: The Beast!

Simply click through, sign up to GameHouse and download it. UNO is yours to keep free.

If you don’t have a credit card, use Paypal Plugin or buy a Visa gift card from the post office. They both act as credit cards as far as GameHouse is concerned. Enjoy!

Jan 01, 2010


by: Fruits Basket Rocks!

How the heck can you actually play the Uno game?????!!!!!

Dec 31, 2009

interesting game

by: harshita

i love this game

Dec 06, 2009


by: sarah

omg how do you get to play it online

Nov 30, 2009


by: Anonymous


Sep 24, 2009


by: Anonymous

i wanted to play this game free but i’m not

having that facility

Aug 27, 2009


by: Anonymous

gotta love the price

Aug 27, 2009

I can’t BELIEVE this is free!

by: Anonymous


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