Um Reifenbreite Board Game

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


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Number of players:
60 mins

Quick verdict

Meaning “By Width of a Tire”, Um Reifenbreite simulates a Tour de France-type of bicycle race. Its unusual theme and colorful presentation will make it a standout at your next games meet.

The game and gameplay

Each player manages a team of four riders who are appointed different attributes and strengths. The objective is to score as many points as possible for the whole team.

Award-winning board games

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The game comes in a large, colorful, sturdy box with a good plastic insert to hold all the pieces. The artwork on the board, the rules and the box takes on a comic-style look. The cobblestones, mountains and other details in a real race are nicely recreated on the board.

The bicycle pieces are cardboard cutouts in plastic stands and are made large enough to be moved easily but small enough to not clutter the board. The cards are small and made with good quality.

For such a simple game, the detailed, though well-explained rules seem overkill. Players can choose the game’s level of difficulty and separate rules are provided for each.

If there are children involved then it’s better to go with an amateur game, leaving out the chance cards coz’ they may be a little complicated.

Pros and cons

There are the advanced levels and, for cycling purists or hardcore gamers, the professional. The rules allow drafting, breakaways, sprint bonus points, difficult climbs, speedy descents, tight cornering, and falls. All these enhance the feel of a real bicycling tournament.

Although only up to four players can play the game, it is playable if one could split the teams between two people. The size of the track dictates the duration of the game. One track usually translated to an hour of playing.

The verdict

With the right mixture of strategy and luck, Um Reifenbreite is an extremely fun game that can bring together non-gamers who are cycling fans and serious players. A game truly deserving of its Spiel des Jahres.

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