Tsuro Board Game

by Gary Walts

(Montreal Board Game Meetup)

Click to buy Tsuro from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Tsuro
Board game manufacturer:
Mayfair Games
Number of players:
15 mins

Quick verdict

Tsuro: The Game Of The Path is a light strategy game that plays up to 8 people in less then 20 minutes, and people will want to play again and again.

The game and gameplay

With 35 “path” tiles, 8 colored stones with dragon engravings, and a beautiful board depicting the Phoenix, one can’t help but admire the game as an art piece. Elegant in its simplicity.

The rules are very simple as well. Starting from the outside of the board, players place a path tile on the grid next to their stone, then moves all adjacent stones to the end of their current paths. If your path returns to the outside of the board, you’re eliminated. Last stone remaining on the board wins the game.

Each player has a hand of three tiles, leaving room to plan your path or force your opponents’ paths off the board.

Click to buy Tsuro from Amazon!The game is more strategic with 4 or less players, and more chaotic when 7 or 8 are playing. While there is player elimination in this game, it’s a sure bet that nobody is waiting around too long for the next round.

Pros and cons

Beautiful artwork and nicely made components make the game impressive immediately.

Short and simple to teach and play. It will frequently come out of the box in many situations.

Look elsewhere if you’re shopping for a meat-and-potatoes game. This is a party game or a filler at best.

The verdict

Tsuro is not a must-have title, and it’s a little pricy for what comes in the box… But anyone who picks this up will not regret it. What you don’t get in components or in depth will be paid back by the frequent plays and the satisfaction of trapping your buddy in a corner with nowhere to go. Only one place this path goes… To a 4 out of 5.

Click to buy Tsuro from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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