Triviathon board game

by Bonnie Jones


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Triviathon board game

I got this game to play with my grandkids when they come to visit. It’s a big success. Even our teen who is way too cool for board games asked to join in when she saw how much fun we were having.

Triviathon is a fast-paced trivia game so it doesn’t take hours to play a game. Also, because you don’t have to know the answers to play or win it’s great for different ages to play together and no one ends up feeling “dumb”.

It has a unique twist. Each character has a task that only they can perform during the game so it gets everyone up and moving. It was so much fun to see the kids making up cheers, dancing, singing, arm-wrestling, just to name a few.

I would definitely recommend the Triviathon board game for all ages.

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