Trivial Pursuit Team

by The Beast!

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Trivial Pursuit Team

There will have been times when you’ve played Trivial Pursuit in teams, either because you had too many people and needed to share a pie, or because it’s more fun that way.

Do you spot an opportunity here? Because the game’s manufacturers certainly did!

Trivial Pursuit Team makes this form of gameplay official, by collecting brains into teams. How you split them up is your decision: women vs men, adults vs teens, couples vs couples… It’s all fair in love, war and trivia!

This is another way to balance out an uneven game. When you have a know-all who normally dominates the game, pair them up with a less savvy player and watch the smarty pants get upset as his team-mates ‘spoil’ their chances!

There is a shortage of questions — you can only play the game 12 times before you run out — but the way those questions are structured is very different to regular TP, so you might think this is worth it for an occasional team game.

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