Trivial Pursuit: SNL Saturday Night Live DVD Edition Game

by The Beast!

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Trivial Pursuit: SNL Saturday Night Live DVD Edition Game

What was the Church Lady’s instrument of choice’ Here’s 30 seasons of SNL Trivia, live from your living room, with all your favorite renowned skits and unforgettable characters. This Trivial Pursuit Edition combines all the fun of the popular board game with the Emmy award-winning late-night comedy show to bring you and your friends even more trivia fun. If you’ve been an SNL fan all these years, you’ll be a whiz at this game.

Includes more than 2,000 questions in six categories covering the entire show: Sketches, Famous Impressions, Commercial Parodies, Characters, SNL etc, and The Show. Playing pieces are Conehead, Mango, Cheerleader, Mary Katherine Gallagher, LandShark, Ladies Man, Samurai Deli and Matt Foley. Also included is an interactive DVD with more than 450 questions.

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