Trivial Pursuit Genus IV

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Trivial Pursuit Genus IV

When you’ve churned out 90 million copies of the world’s best selling trivia game, it is understandable that there can be too much of a good thing.

The question is, how to make the game original enough to appeal to old time players, and keep new players buying the sets?

Genus IV is not the answer in our opinion, because it is the basic game all over again. You’ve been here 90 million times already!

Yes, it’s good, yes, there are nearly 5000 new questions, but there are few surprises (i.e. none at all).

There are so many fun editions of Trivial Pursuit that reckon you can find a much better match for your crowd than dull old Genus. See below for more choices.

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