Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

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Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

You may wonder why, when you’re carrying a smart phone, an iPad and everything else, that you’d want to carry this little gizmo?

The answer is, it’s a very portable, fun way to bring Trivial Pursuit with you, wherever you are going, and whoever you’re with! The game should, in theory, never get tired, as it allows you to download more questions whenever you like.

With a nicely made, backlit LED screen displaying the questions, this game is a great idea for long car or plane journeys, so you can test one another on your trivia knowledge without carting a box full of cards everywhere.

If you’re so inclined, you can create your own questions, so imagine buying this as a unique bachelor party gift, wedding anniversary gift etc. after loading it up with questions and answers that are personal to your friend or family member.

The console connects to your PC (but not a Mac), and from there you can easily create or delete questions from the unit. This is a nice idea. If it’s well supported by the company, and you can buy premade questions, it could be useful forever.

The unit can hold around 8000 questions before the memory fills up, so that should last you a long time.

One of the best value Trivial Pursuit purchases, bar none.

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