Trivial Pursuit 6th Edition

by The Beast!

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Trivial Pursuit 6th Edition

Another day, another 4800 questions! Yes, this 6th edition is a great load of trivia, and if you’re tired of the other editions you own, then this is the solution.

However, should you have Genus editions, then this is kind of redundant. Yes, it’s new material, but no, it’s not going to bring any new depth to the game.

We suggest a truly themed edition if you are looking for a new, more specialist game with the same familiar Trivial Pursuit gameplay.

So what do you get in the 6th edition of Trivial Pursuit? The same old, same old six categories, 800 cards with six questions on each, in the usual categories.

If we sound a little jaded, well, we are. There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before.

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