Torres Board Game

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


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Rio Grande Games
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Quick verdict

Build your castles, crowd out your opponent… Torres is an unusual game of strategic building that is very compelling, and makes you think in three dimensions.

The game and gameplay

Players won’t have any trouble learning the game; it’s the mastery of Torres strategy that’s going to make you sweat. The game brings insurmountable amount of enjoyment for all those who can master its mechanics, so all that effort will be worth it.

The rules are very simple and don’t require too long to explain. One would ask upon finishing reading the rules if that’s all there is to the game, since there isn’t a lot to learn as far as rules go. But behind its deceptively simple rules is a game play that’s rich in strategy, where every move can either give you the advantage or cost you the game. You can’t afford any mistakes.

It starts with each player having six knights and four stacks of towers. The key to getting victory points and subsequently winning the game lies on two basic strategies:Click to buy Torresfrom Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

1.) placing your knight on the highest and widest tower, in terms of surface area 2.) Blocking other players from getting their towers too high, decreasing their chances of scoring higher. From here, much deeper strategies emerge. Should you focus on constructing a tall tower or do you leech onto other players’ efforts by moving your knights into their towers? In short, it all boils down to the tower placement and knight movement.

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While it can be played with two players, the game isn’t as intense and its true potential is brought out when played with four.

Pros and cons

Torres comes with a lot of little pieces made of beautifully painted wood and standard plastic. Meticulous gamers would notice some misspelled words here and there but nothing too tragic.

The game board is excellently illustrated and seems sturdy enough. I wish the same could be said of the action cards. They have nice art work but are only made of very flimsy paper stock. This poses a problem with frequent handling and prolonged use.

The verdict

Torres is a unique 3D board game. It’s great for those who don’t mind sending their neurons into overdrive and showing off their mental dexterity.

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