To Bethlehem Board Game

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


There are very few Christmas games out there that revolve around the true Christmas story. To Bethlehem is one of the few that really captures the essence of Christmas as Christians celebrate its history.

The game is designed to bring the family together as they focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This is basically a roll-the-die and move-the-marker kind of game and whatever square you land on tells you what to do. Some may require you to draw a card and interact based on what the card is asking for. Players journey around the game board with the ultimate goal of being the first to arrive in Bethlehem. Continues below

The players must be willing to act goofy and actually do what the game tells them to. Otherwise, it takes the fun out it. A good game lasts about 30 minutes or so, which is just perfect for players with limited attention spans, like your younger children.

Another good thing about this game is that it can be played by up to 10 different players, which is more than enough for the whole family.

The game makes use of gold shekels to pay for travel expenses along the journey. It would be best to keep them organized after every game to avoid misplacing any piece. It’s not impossible to lose a few, but you can always substitute pennies if you need to.
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The game mechanics are downright simple, and the game itself involves so much fun in every way. There are lots of silly things you’ll have to do along the way such as chasing of to the bathroom to flush the toilet when you get to a “rest stop”, and wearing a towel around your head until your next turn when you become the shepherd.

You might even have to beg by singing a Christmas carol when you run out of coins. The game provides a very creative entertainment and fosters clean competition, while focusing on what Christmas is really about.

The Verdict

To Bethlehem enables the family to reconnect and enjoy a meaningful time together during the holiday season. If you are looking for a great Christmas game that players from all ages can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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