Thurn and Taxis: All Roads Lead To Rome

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Thurn and Taxis: All Roads Lead To Rome

Another expansion for the very popular Thurn and Taxis board game, which is actually two small expansions in one package!

Part one is The Audience. This is a kind of horse racing game with carriages instead of horses. The idea is to get your cardinal there last behind everybody else’s lower-ranked pieces. The general feeling about this part of the expansion is that it’s a bit pointless and not very appealing.

Part two of the expansion is more interesting. The Officials gives you special abilities, requiring tokens to use them. There are some interesting strategies introduced with this part of the expansion. Not recommended for people who think the original is perfectly balanced just how it is, but if you don’t find Thurn and Taxis challenging or deep enough, then Thurn and Taxis: All Roads Lead To Rome could well be worth having just for the Officials part.

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