SCRABBLE Cubes: Play Scrabble For Cash!

by Amanda Nettgen




Rating out of five:


+ Basic but functional buttons and interface
+ You can dispose of blocks that are in the way by right-clicking them. Be careful when doing this, though!
+ Using your Scrabble skills to win cash is SO MUCH FUN! And profitable…
– Playing Scrabble by yourself is kind of boring

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If the Rubik’s cube had letters on it instead of colors, you’d get something sort of like Scrabble Cubes. The gameplay is equivalent to playing Boggle by yourself.

In Scrabble Cubes, familiar tiles from the beloved word game are smushed into a three-dimensional square, and it’s your job to spell things using this model. You’re given three minutes to attempt to form words from within the shape, the catch being that each letter tile needs to connect a la Boggle.

An individual letter can participate in the words that you create a maximum of 3 times before it will turn red and disappear from the block. Due to the time crunch, new tiles do not drop in to replace ones that have been maxed out; the playing field instead shifts down. Try this game FREE now!

Words that you complete appear on a list to the left, incorporating any traditional multipliers like Double Word Score or Triple Letter. Invalid words that you may have attempted to form in vain are also recorded, reminding you to brush up on your vocabulary!

At the close of your allotted word-hunting time, it is the length and score of all of your separate spelling achievements that reigns supreme.

If word games are your forte and you want to practice your big word prowess, give Scrabble Cubes a shot. Those who are used to having time to think while playing Scrabble games, however, may find it too stressful! Especially when playing for cash. Play it free or for REAL CASH online today!

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