Scrabble Blast!

by Amanda Nettgen


Scrabble Blast!

Scrabble Blast!

Rating out of five:


+ Interesting twist on the classic Scrabble theme
+ Some fun mini word games that will entertain fans
– Useless hints
– Hasbro shut down the download versions

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Scrabble Blast for the PC is kind of like Keesdrow the board game, but with Scrabble attributes. It has three methods of play for one player only: 1 bag, puzzle, or action.

With 1 bag, you get 51 tiles (out of 100 total) all grouped together to try to eliminate. Find words as in Keesdrow or Boggle; that is, look for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal connecting letters. Incorporate shaded tiles such as Triple Letter or Double Word for mega points.

As you design words (shown in your Scrabble tile rack), some of the remaining tiles drop down from your starting stash. Words you make are listed to the left, and the cute, animated Scrabble tile will congratulate you with some cheerleading moves if you form good words.

You can click him at any time if you forget how to play. One exchange is available per board; keep spelling until you can’t think of any more words or you run out of tiles.

In puzzle mode, Scrabble “bombs” occasionally drop down, mandating that you use them in word of a certain length. If you don’t defuse them by the time they reach the bottom, the game ends.

Action mode is just like the puzzle approach, but more advanced. More bombs come into play, making it more challenging. Whatever the mode, at the end of each game, your score, best word, and updated rank will pop up. Work to obtain all of the ranks!

Scrabble Blast offers some twists on the classic and popular game of Scrabble. Lovers of word games may enjoy it, and as with the regular game, it’s good for increasing your vocabulary.

The hints in the game are useless, as for some reason the Scrabble tile man suggests words that aren’t actually proper English. There’s no multiplayer feature, nor a way to play just regular Scrabble.

Those looking for the fun and intrigue of traditional Scrabble might find Scrabble Blast’s word games bland in comparison. You’d think with a name like Scrabble Blast it would be, well, a blast… but it’s not. It’s an okay time, but unless you can’t get enough word games, find another distraction.

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Jun 17, 2010

Great Game

by: Andy

excellent game

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