Play Solitaire online: Solitaire Rush

by Amanda Nettgen


Play Solitaire online: Solitaire Rush!

Play Solitaire online: Solitaire Rush

Rating out of five:


+ Lively (but not annoying) music
+ Interesting card themes
+ The 4:30 time limit is what contributes to the term “Rush”, and makes the enterprise more challenging
– Losing points for doing what is often necessary is harsh

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Solitaire Rush is the usual card-stacking game, but now available for some huge cash prizes. You have to commit to a game in one short sitting, as there’s no way to pause.

When starting Solitaire Rush, take a moment to make it a little more exciting by choosing from one of their 8 beautiful themes. I started with one called Coffee break, but they also have themes featuring ancient Egypt and the rainforest.

Once set with your chosen motif, you’ll play Solitaire as in any other Klondike edition, including practices like double-clicking to add an ace to the foundation and losing points for going through the shuffle stack again.

The most notable differences I encountered were that the Draw pile was featured on the right side of the screen (when I’m used to seeing it on the left), and all of the hidden cards in the tableau become uncovered automatically.

The game is over either upon successfully stacking each suit’s foundation, or running out of moves. A bad thing about this take is that it doesn’t tell you when you don’t have any more moves!

If you want to play Solitaire online, then Solitaire Rush is the same application many of us have done hundreds of times before, just with a little paint on it. It’s a game that’s not likely to get old anytime soon. Give it a try today!

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