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Mayfair Games/Amigo Spiel
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Quick verdict

Patrician is a game where the players are master builders, competing by building the largest and tallest towers in Italian towns to please the prideful and influential Patricians – a term that used to denote the upper- class members of the society, often connotes wealth, social elitism, and nobility.

The game and gameplay

The Middle Ages is a period when wealth and influence determine the worthiness of a person in the society. But you have to prove that you were actually important by showing how prosperous you really are.

Throughout this period, the most influential men and women across Italy were really determined to prove their importance.

How? Why by building magnificent towers in the cities of the land which are solid, visible symbol of prosperity and power.

Of course someone has to build these towers for these noblemen and this is the part where the master builders come in.Master builders are players trying to profit from these vanity-driven Patricians whose tower height is equivalent to their clout.

As the saying goes, the taller the tower, the more influential the family. Players are trying to earn the most prestige by building these Patrician towers floor by floor. Once finished, they will be there to take credit from the Patricians by making them look good.

Click to buy Patrician board game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

This is the theme of Patrician. It is a fun, light game and fairly simple to learn. You get 149 tower pieces in five different colors, 20 prestige tokens with 2 of each color, 55 building cards in 10 colors, a 4-page well illustrated rulebook, and a double-sided game board.

You must shrewdly accept the building orders of the patrician families to position yourself in the right place at the right time. Play your cards right, and your name will be famous among the rich and powerful!

Each master builder tries to construct the most floors of the towers by using the colorful wooden tower pieces. The Game board has a number of cities, each of which has areas to build two towers.

There is a card face up next to each city showing some combination of one of the cities, a special action, or a portrait of a Patrician.

The components are, as usual for Mayfair Games, well designed and manufactured, though we feel the tower pieces could have been bigger. Perhaps a clumsy-fingered version could be made for people with five thumbs?

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