Oriente card game

by The Beast!

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Oriente card game

The more, the merrier when you’re playing Oriente! This game is unusual in many ways and not the easiest to teach to new players.

The Japanese feudal system is the setting for this Ninja-themed combat card game. Play cards with powers or attacks, but wait to take your turn based on your position in the feudal system: the Shogun always goes first and peasants have to wait until last. Successfully do in your opponents and you steal their point cards and they receive a new character. Continues below

Collecting three Ninja cards will also win you the game.

The game can be played by three or more players, but much larger groups (up to 10) can be accommodated. Indeed, the larger the group the better the game plays, though it is a tricky rule set to teach. Great value for money.

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