Operation Mania

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Operation Mania
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Quick verdict

Operation Mania is another of the time man. genre. It’s cute and funny and will probably appeal to most fans of the Diner Dash style games.

What’s it about?

You play a surgeon who doubles as a nurse, admissions staff and accountant at the busy hospital!
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As you might imagine from that brief description, this is going to be a crazy ride and that’s BEFORE you factor in the bonus operation games which provide much-needed extra cash.

Patients arrive and sit in the waiting area. Most need to see admissions first, but some already know they need an operation or a lie down in the ward.

Drag the patient to admission and then click to check them in. From there, almost all the patients need further treatment, usually an op. Drag them to the table and then click to operate. Here you have the choice of letting the surgeon take care of it, or performing the op yourself by playing a mini-game.
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The mini-games are quite fun but not especially challenging. One involves hitting tennis balls while avoiding fruit; another sees you pluck chickens from among cupids(!), while a third makes you catch water drops in a bucket. All are well thought-out and mildly amusing, but present a problem.

Performing the ops sees you rake in extra cash, but it becomes rather dull after a while. Do you constantly replay the mini-games for the cash, or skip them to make faster level progress?

The cash is useful because you can spend it on upgrades, such as faster operations, extra ward beds and so on. The irony is that these faster ops are only applicable if you DON’T play the mini-games! Save up and you can hire a nurse to take care of more tasks for you, essential on later levels as the patients pile up.

You can chain colour-coded patients and tasks together for additional bonuses. But even when a patient’s cured, your job isn’t over: collect the cash before it degrades or even vanishes!

Pros and cons

+ Very bright, well animated graphics that are often amusing.
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+ Clever mini-games for the operations; all are amusing puns on real ailments like Tennis Elbow and Frog in the Throat.

+ Frantic gameplay as patient health degrades and emergency ops take your attention away from the grind

+ Loads of levels and upgrades, plus trophies to earn.

People who are allergic to time management will go into shock if they play it.

The verdict

Operation Mania is a quirky time management game that’s often funny. Occasional frustrations keep the score down, otherwise this would be a perfect example of the species.

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