Operation Iron Man 2

by The Beast!

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It’s getting to the point where every successful movie with special appeal to younger boys is made into a version of Operation. We’ve seen Shrek, Spiderman, Hulk, Toy Story 3… and now, perhaps, the most unlikely so far: Iron Man 2.

Not because Iron Man 2 isn’t a good subject for an Operation game. As they go, this is one of the better-fitting themes. But Iron Man 2 is (or ought to be) suitable for kids who are too old to play Operation. PG-13 means that anybody can go to see the movie, but parents should use their judgement if the child is under teenage. Continues below

Certainly I don’t know any teenagers who would be seen dead playing ANY edition of Operation (unless there’s some X-rated editions knocking about that we, sadly, haven’t seen yet!).

It screams of a cash-in, but Operation Iron Man 2 might be a good purchase for a boy aged 7-10yrs.

Click to buy Operation Iron Man 2 from Amazon!
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Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume @ T-niverse!

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