Mystery Date Game

by Amanda Nettgen


Click to search for High School Musical Mystery Date games on Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Game:
Mystery Date Game – High School Musical 3 edition
Board game manufacturer:
Milton Bradley/Hasbro
Number of players:
2-4 (Girls only!)

Quick verdict

High School Musical (HSM) Mystery Date is a giddy game of chance that’s very basic, but still fun for the younger crowd. No boys allowed!

The game and gameplay]

Hope you don’t mind a little carpentry, because you’ll need to assemble the Mystery Date Door before your kids can play. It isn’t too hard, though, if you follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the game manual.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The device serves up the “magic” part of the game, allowing players to open the entryway to a random date each time. A closer look shows you that the date cards are all cut a little awkwardly on one side, and when someone turns the mini doorknob, a card is caught and flipped when the door is opened. It’s still pretty neat.

Have the children each select which HSM pawn they want to play with (or they can play as a no-face version of themselves). Distribute two clothing/accessory cards to each little lady and put the rest in a pile for easy access.
Have the highest roller go first. Basically, you do laps around the board, following any directions you land on (Take, Swap, or Open the Door). With Take you’ll score card(s) from the Draw or Discard pile, while Swap will find you switching cards with another player. Open the Door should only be followed if you have the three-card shebang for a color group.

It’s all a race to acquire a matching set of accessories, then crossing your fingers that the right prom date will “show up”. Anytime you open the door and the character standing there would clash with your outfit, promptly shut the door in his face and tell him to take a hike.

Sometimes Ms. Darbus will be standing there…but no, you don’t have to take HER to prom, silly! You simply forfeit the matching outfit set you worked so hard to obtain as “collection” for detention. What a witch; it’s prom and she took your clothes…

A player wins when they finally open the door to a proper date. Let’s hope the guys you brutally rebuffed don’t catch you dancing with this other guy.

Pros and cons

Little girls who are in l-o-v-e with Troy Bolton will likely find this to be a likeable slumber party game. They are about the only demographic that this game appeals to.

Boys are discriminated against in HSM Mystery Date, as you won’t open the door to Sharpay or Gaby, or even that big girl who likes to dance. Hey, Milton Bradley: there ARE some guys who can appreciate the charm of High School Musical, somewhere…

The verdict

High School Musical Mystery Date is only for people who haven’t hit high school themselves yet. It’s fluffy, easy, and dare I say sending a wrong message.

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