Monopoly Casino

by Christian II


Monopoly Casino!

Monopoly Casino

Rating out of five:


+ Great graphics and realistic sound FX
+ Based on Monopoly and featuring tokens and characters from the game(s)
– No multiplayer mode
– Only rabid Monopoly fans need apply

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This is not the greatest of Monopoly games and, unless you’re desperate to gamble in a virtual environment, won’t appeal.

Cheaters have you throwing your board out the window? Now, be less inclined to blow your top at your heavy expensive piece of machinery with the new/old video game of the… moment!

This may not be the most original idea yet. And face it, for a board game as its basis, they sure didn’t go into this project the right way.

No multiplayer was included in this game made for families and friends, which strikes me as a bit odd. The casino tone does take away some of the toonish qualities from this board game.

This is not a adult’s casino, however. A bright and light scenery brings a whole new setting to this otherwise dark game of bankruptcy and bartering.

All in all, you get your money’s worth and that’s about it. Don’t expect too much from this bargain title.

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