Monopoly Advance to Go mug

by Tom Warin

Advance to GO Monopoly-themed mug from CafePress. Cool!Click to buy this item from CafePress!Monopoly Advance to Go mug

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to insult people without getting into too much trouble. Something I stumbled upon recently was telling people to “Advance to Go” instead of telling them to “Get lost”.

This hasn’t worked out too well for me, because people then expect me to give them $200 and get agitated when I do not.

You may have better luck than I did; I suspect the secret is in the tone of voice used. If so, then this Monopoly Advance to Go mug will serve as a useful reminder to anybody approaching you that they will probably be asked to leave soon and they should reconsider whether or not they really want to be bothering you right now. Fill it with the steaming beverage of your choice for extra menace.

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