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Quick verdict

I have been playing Mancala since I was five and I still love it. It is a simple and extremely addictive game.

The game

You play with two people, but you can also play alone to sharpen your skills.

You start by picking up a handful of stones, and you go one by one around the board dropping a stone in each hole (including your “pot” but, not your opponent’s).

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!If the last stone you drop is into another hole with stones in it, then you pick those up and continue until you land into an empty space.

If the last stone lands in your “pot” then you receive another turn.

The scoring is simple, the idea is pretty much that the person with the most stones in the end wins. Although you do want to empty your side of the board first.4-Player Mancala Game. Click to buy from Amazon!Click to buy the Mancala board game from Amazon!I have always had a Mancala board game in my home and also in my elementary school classrooms. It is a good game to use with children who are learning simple math or counting.

It is entertaining and requires a hands-on approach to numbers and math.

If you do know how to play and you have children, I suggest teaching it to them because it keeps them busy and learning.

The gameplay itself is not very difficult at all. Though you will run across some people who have different sets of rules now and then. Once you get good at it, it is a lot of fun to have Mancala board game competitions amongst your friends and family.Pros and cons

It is a great family game because young kids can learn it easily and it does not require them to remember a lot of rules. The game can take a while to finish if you have two really skilled players playing.

There are lots of different versions of the boards available in stores now. It also simple to make a board at home with egg crates. However, if you buy a more “traditional” Mancala board game that contains a solid wood board with stones, it will last you forever.

You will want to be careful with the stones because they may get lost easily with children. You can go to a craft store and find inexpensive stones to replace them if you need to.

The verdict

Mancala is probably the only game I have played that I can honestly say I will never get tired of. I would recommend that anyone who loves or even likes board games buy the Mancala board game.

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