Liar’s Dice

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


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Board game manufacturer:
Pressman Toy
Number of players:
30 minutes

Quick verdict

If you’ve watched the sequel of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, then you’re probably familiar with the game Liar’s Dice. It is a game where good guessing, good bluffing and good luck are needed to win. The objective is to be the last player with dice.

The game and gameplay

Liar’s Dice is a portable game. The rectangular tin is nice for home storage while the drawstring pouch is ideal to keep the brightly colored game pieces in one place and makes it easier bring along in lengthy road trips.

The concept of the game is simple enough, but it is recommended that you should have at least one player who has played the game before because the instructions on the booklet aren’t written very well and are difficult to understand. The directions appear too complicated than what the game really is.

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Here’s how the game goes. Players start out with 5 dice each, roll them on the table and use the cup to hide the results of the dice from everyone else. Each player should guess how many dice of a given number appear under everyone’s cups combined.

The next bidder’s guess must not be lower than the last. The player can challenge the bidder if he/she can’t go any higher. For a wrong guess, the player loses a die. As the game progresses it becomes more challenging to make a confident bid considering you have fewer dice to bid on.

You have little control of the game and the element of luck, guessing and bidding makes it an unpredictable game. Each round is an entirely clean slate. You’ll never know who’s going to play well, who’s going to struggle and who’s going to win.

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The game’s fun level is greatly increased when more players are involved because there are more dice to bid on making the game last longer and more rewarding if you win.

The verdict

So if you consider yourself to be blessed with luck and quick decision-making skills, Liar’s Dice is definitely for you.

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Click to buy Liar's Dice from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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